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Tibet and Emerson Beijing Program

April 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Article from Journalism Students Online News Service

I’ve gotta support fellow Emerson students and one wrote on our Beijing program and the Tibet protests. I missed the deadline to submit a quote for this article since I was out of town last weekend, but for the record, I’m not worried about my safety in Beijing this summer. I think all the controversy is exciting and forcing me to learn about the situation through more than just Western eyes. I’ll write more on this later this week.

For your viewing pleasure, here it is:

Emersonians bound for Olympics unfazed by anti-China protests

Catherine Andrews

Media Credit: AP AccuNet


The 35 Emerson students and graduate students who will travel to China to join the official Olympic News Service (ONS) in reporting on the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing remain unfazed by the China Tibet conflict.

During their most recent class of International Sports Reporting, led by Professor Paul Niwa, the students discussed the latest dispute between China and Tibet. According to the Chinese Government, Tibet has been part of China for more than 700 years. However, Tibetans maintain that they are a separate country with their own culture, language and religion.

As the Olympics approach, tension between the Chinese government and Tibetans is growing. There have been protests held around the world for the freeing of the Tibetan people, the Olympic flame tour has been interrupted repeatedly and some countries have gone as far as to threaten to boycott the Olympics.

But despite the possibility of violence and turmoil, Emerson students training for their trip to China seem unfazed.

“Honestly, I’m not worried about what’s going on in Tibet or in any of the other Chinese provinces affecting my safety. What’s going on there won’t really alter anything I normally do while traveling to stay safe,” said Michael Nagel, who is a student in the MFA creative writing program.

The 3rd-year graduate student also said that he plans on taking precautions such as being aware of his surroundings and making sure to keep his passport in a safe place, just like he would in any other city including New York City and Boston.

“I fully expect there to be protests surrounding the Olympics, whether they’re from Falun Gong [an outlawed spiritual movement], Tibetans, the Taiwanese, Muslim separatists or whomever. It will be an interesting time to be there,” Nagel said.              …for the full story click here.

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