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The To-Do List

April 9th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I officially have 89 days left before the group arrival date in Beijing. With graduation and the end of the semester quickly approaching I’ve put together my Beijing to-do list in order to keep my sanity. While July once felt like a lifetime away, it is quickly approaching along with all of the trip preparations I have to do.

I thought I’d share the List with you. Every trip to-do list depends on multiple variables like the length of the trip and what gear one already owns. Since I’ve taken a few trips, I do have my passport, backpack and other essentials. While there’s some things I may have missed, this is what I have down so far:


__ Get plane ticket and finalize travel dates

X .Create budget

__ Register my trip with the U.S. Department of State

__ Make multiple copies of all important documents and leave with mom

__ Cell phone:

__ Put cell phone on reduced rate suspension, right before I leave

__ Email myself updated list of cell phone numbers

__ Take battery out of cell phone, right before I leave

__ Get insurance on my laptop

__ Fundraise to offset some expenses of trip

__ Purchase International Student Identity Card

__ Get someone to sublet my room while I’m gone + packing room up before sublet

__ Purchase any supplies I may need

__ Write a packing list

__ Let my banks know that I’ll be abroad (so my debit and credit cards don’t get canceled due to security measures)

__ Get someone to watch my aloe plant…who won’t kill it like last year!

__ Change mailing addresses so mail is sent to TN

__ Let everyone know my itinerary

__ Double-check that I have everything I need a couple of days before departure

This list has been compiled partially from experience but also referencing Doug Lanskey’s First-Time Around the World book which I find very thorough. My medical and travel insurance is already taken care of – thank you Edan and Visa!

Please share with me any other suggestions or pre-travel to-do items that you always consider!

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  • 1 Joe Ehrlich // Apr 11, 2008 at 12:48 am

    Make multiple copies of all your important travel documents and leave them with Mom, sure.

    But Mom will not be in China.

    Scan your travel documents into .pdf files and email them to your “travel email” address (ie: Yahoo or Hotmail)

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