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The First Twestival Well Drilled from Charity: Water

April 5th, 2009 · No Comments


The First Twestival Well

The First Twestival Well

On February 12 I supported Charity: Water, a non-profit bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, by attending the New York City Twestival.  While Epic Change who brought you the first nonprofit initiative to fully leverage Twitter, Tweetsgiving and later TweetLuck, saw the potential in social media, Charity: Water came next as another awesome example of how social change can happen from social media on an even larger scale (I intimately got to work with Epic Change’s founder Stacey Monk on TweetLuck and hold everything that she does close to my heart!).  Now that the money has been raised from Charity: Water’s Twestivals from all across the globe, the first well will be drilled on April 11 and broadcasted for the world to see.  Check out the video for an awesome look at the project and cut and copied below is an email I got about the first drill and how you can engage with the project now!

charity: water for Twestival from charity: water on Vimeo.


April 11th – April 14th 
Watch us drill the first Twestival well from Ethiopia

When people from 202 cities from around the globe came together in February to support our work through theTwestival, we knew we had to do something special to honor their commitment. An astonishing amount of money was raised, and as always, charity: water will use 100% to give people clean and safe drinking water. But it’s one thing to say it, and another to show it.

And we’re going to show it.

So we’re off to Ethiopia next week with Twestival lead organizer Amanda Rose. Together, we hope to show supporters around the globe exactly what their money can do.

We’re going to do something different on this trip. We want to help YOU understand more about the conditions and solutions on the ground. So we’re giving YOU a chance to ask questions and get them answered by the drillers and community members.

If you want to know what life is like for a mother who walks 5 hours a day for dirty water, here’s your chance. If you want to know why a family would live in a village with contaminated water and not move somewhere else, ask. Even if you’re just curious about well depths and casings or mobilization costs, ask that too.

As we go from rural village to village, we’ll pose the best of your questions to our drilling partners and those getting clean water for the first time, and let them answer in their own words.

Here’s how to ask a question:

Tweet it: find us @charitywater or use #charitywater
Email it: twestival@charitywater.org

Here’s what to expect as we post daily videos to our website:

Day 1 – April 11 – We’ll drill the first Twestival well in Ethiopia.
Day 2 – April 12 – We’ll visit villages in need of water that will receive wells through Twestival funding.
Day 3 – April 13 – We’ll visit more rural villages, posing questions from you to people living in them.
Day 4 – April 14 – Complete the first Twestival well. (hopefully)

Drilling wells isn’t an exact science, and if we have to stick around longer to see it through to completion, we will.

Videos will be posted each day to charitywater.org/twestival by 5 PM Eastern Time.

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