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New Greyhound Fleet has BoltBus Amentities but Not Price

April 18th, 2009 · 2 Comments

I was flattered to get a press release from Greyhound and in doing my good travel blogger part, I’m releasing the new information to my loyal readers :)

Anyone who has followed my tweets or past blog posts (The Fung Wah Bus vs. BoltBus Challenge or Cheap Travel by Bus from Boston – Move over Fung Wah) on discount buses between Boston and New York knows that I’m a big fan of the BoltBus (which apparently is also owned by Greyhound).  The press release titled A Brand Reborn – New Greyhound Buses Redefine Leisure Travel states, “Greyhound Lines, Inc. today unveiled in Boston its fleet of new buses designed to offer a more comfortable riding experience.  The first of the 102 re-designed buses debuted on the company’s New York to Montreal and New York to Toronto routes on April 7. Over time, Greyhound will replace the entire nationwide fleet.”  

All the new amenities mentioned except the three point seatbelts, which isn’t a key selling point for myself, are on par with what the BoltBus already offers:

-Free wi-fi

-Power outlets (which is key – MegaBus has wi-fi but no outlets)

-More legroom (also key if you have your laptop and actually want to see the screen!)

The press release mentions a new interior but doesn’t mention leather seats which I quite enjoyed on my last two BoltBus rides.  Greyhound appears to be positioning itself as the JetBlue of buses.  Knowing this, I quickly volunteered to review the bus, and I’ve literally rode every discount bus between here and New York, but stopped when I came to the price part of the ticket purchasing process. After selecting the “no discount” field for a ride an entire month in advance, the following screen showed one ticket for $15 from Boston to New York but prices went all the way up to $43, even with an online discount being applied.  BoltBus tickets for the same day a month in advance were all between $10 and $15.  On a side note, Greyhound ticket purchasers unbeknownst to this press release wouldn’t know about the new perks from Greyhound’s website which is a missed marketing opportunity for the bus company and a nice surprise for those who do buy the tickets.

My overall thought:  if this new Greyhound fleet is so similar to the BoltBus, for now I’ll stick to the BoltBus and its discount prices.  

One other perk I really like about the BoltBus and have to plug is how easy it is to board.  Passengers merely have to show the confirmation number whether on a ticket, screen (I’ve seen a kid show his laptop screen before!), text or handwritten note to board.  Because of the wi-fi and outlets, this is my choice of travel over plane, car or train to New York from Boston, not to mention the unbeatable price.

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  • 1 Albert // Apr 20, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    I don’t know if you’ll ever ride the Fung Wah ever again. But if you do, you could blog about the atmosphere.

    I took a trip BOS-NYC via Fung Wah and then NYC-BOS via Boltbus. In short, the BoltBus was full of laptops and great conversations. The Fung Wah consisted of 32 languages (okay maybe not that many) all trying to talk over each other. Thank goodness for my ipod.

    Fact: Greyhound ticket = $43. Peter Pan ticket (bought online) = $18. When you arrive at the bus station, it’s the EXACT same bus. So why the $25 difference? I don’t get it.

    I’ve traveled by bus many times during my travels around the world. Maybe someone can market a BoltBus-like idea to other countries.

  • 2 Erica // Apr 28, 2009 at 10:14 am

    BoltBus sounds great. I’ve never even heard about free wi-fi on buses before. Would definitely chose that over Greyhound when traveling in the U.S.

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