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En Route to Seattle

May 13th, 2008 · No Comments

This was written on the plane last night:

So it’s been said that getting to the destination comprises the journey itself. Today has proven an interesting day both on the ground and in the air in route from Boston to Seattle.

My flight from Boston was originally supposed to depart at 4:30pm but was delayed due to air traffic control moving flight times around. The Delta flight stewardess (or attendant…which one is pc??) patiently and little theatrically empathized with all the passengers as it became known that everyone was missing their connecting flights out of JFK to their final destination. Destinations ranging from Portland, Oregon to Brussels and Madrid. I sat by a very nice lady, Deborah, on her way to Portland for a convention. We had a pleasant chat throughout the short flight but as we got closer and closer to the JFK airport I could slice a knife through all the anxieties floating in the airplane’s cabin. Passengers were drilling the very nice Delta ambassador while darting their eyes back and forth from their watches to their boarding passes to the poor girl exercising crisis communication as sweetly as she could.

By the time we landed Deborah had someone in front of her computer looking up flight statuses. Everyone’s hands were clutched around their luggage ready to bolt out of the plane in hopes that they’d make their flight. Deborah to her relief found out that her connecting flight was also delayed. Taking advantage of her smarts, the person she had on the other line looked up my connecting flight. The time was 7:17, the flight was supposed to depart at 7:15 but the status was that my flight was still boarding! I clutched my own bags, the couple heading to Brussels made way for me to bolt in front of them and as soon as I could pick up my pace, I was running and dodging bystanders in a mad rush to get to my gate before it was too late. With my big purse and bag carrying my lap top thumping as I attempted a sprint, I realized to my dismay how out of shape I am and gate 20 couldn’t have felt any further away from gate 25 right then. Panting like a dog the only girl left behind the counter and deserted gate was happy to see me commenting “ah you made it from Boston.” Like speedy Gonzales, she lept from the counter did that half run-walk thing to the gate and effortlessly scanned my boarding pass and returned it to me. One code later to open the gate I was in a small line in the extension device/hallway waiting to step into the plane. My heart was racing and I’m sure my face was flushed. All was well, I had made my flight.

Fast forward to my seat, in complete contrast we sat on the runway for about 30 minutes in line with about 20+ planes leaving JFK too. The captain, trying to appease everyone, announced merrily that good news had arrived, it was only going to be 18 minutes of waiting instead of 30. Small laughter spread throughout the plane at the overwhelming “good news.”

Before I knew it a guy behind me was snoring while two new friends were sharing with the plane why they loved Seattle. For me, I just relaxed and stared out the window in wonderment of how the airport functions like its own little city with people buzzing all around…I appreciated it a lot more since I was no longer one of the people running around like a chicken with its head cut-off. And of course I had to twitter and let all 20 of my loyal and eager followers know the latest progress on my epic trip!

I made it to Seattle safe and sound, however, my luggage didn’t make it with me. Now Tuesday at 3pm I’m still waiting for it to arrive at my aunt and uncle’s house but right now we’re going to start exploring the city. More to come!

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