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Congratulations to Brett, the Amtrekker!

October 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Yes, he’s done.  15 months later, with 50 things to accomplish, and on Saturday, October 25, 2008, Brett crossed off his last feat on The List.

the amtrekker

The Amtrekker

Brett Rounsaville, better known as the Amtrekker, quite his job as a set designer at Disney to accomplish 50 things he wanted to do before he died.  Well, at least before he hit 45 years old, married and in a mid-life crisis with the realization that he never got around to doing all those things in life that we make mental notes and promises to do.  Although, unlike Brett, most of don’t act on them and leave them lingering as wishful thoughts.  I don’t know what’s in store for Brett next, but the last 15 months have been filled with adventures spanning the United States.  He’s done everything from telling Donald Trump “You’re fired” to walking to the top of the Empire State building and he’s documented it all on his podcasts (available on his website and on itunes).

I was lucky enough to get to know him during many of his stops through Boston.  And with the help of my mom, he crossed off item number 24. “be part of a stage illusion” in my hometown in Tennessee!  Check out his adventures at his website, www.amtrekker.com.  He’ll be posting additional footage and filling us in on more of what happened when he was on the road and not in front of his computer.

In this little travel corner, I have an inkling that he’s going to continue to inspire family, friends, viewers, strangers from the road, and those of us that need a little extra encouragement to go after items on our own life to-do lists.

Congratulations Brett!


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