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Blast from the Past: My First Trip to Vegas

February 7th, 2010 · 1 Comment

This weekend I’ve been trolling websites that I long haven’t touched, xanga being one of them. I got the biggest kick reading my old entries. Who knew I’ve been “blogging” since May of 2005! Since the last post on this blog covered Atlantic City, it seemed fitting to share an old post about Vegas and my first experience there…it’s a little more entertaining than the Atlantic City one! The following was originally posted to my xanga account on Tuesday, July 26, 2005 when I was 21 years old. Hope you get as big of a kick out of it as I did!

Vegas, Baby

Gambling, luxurious hotels, beautiful people, lots of skin and even more alcohol—it’s all in Vegas!

Thursday:  Megan and I with our two moms plus Betty and Ray flew to Vegas to celebrate Megan’s 21st birthday.  We took a limo to the airport and started with champagne and the alcohol never stopped coming after that!  While waiting for midnight, Megan and I played some blackjack with Tim McGraw…yes we had impersonators for dealers at our hotel…and won $70 each! (only because this guy kept giving Megan money after we lost our own :o)  So Megan had her first legal drink at the hotel and then the adults went to bed and we headed to Harrah’s outdoor bar.  The bartender stood on top of the bar with a 5th of Vodka mixed with some pineapple juice and Megan chugged the entire thing through a tube!!  People cheered and Megan got wasted. Dancing and more alcohol followed into the early hours of Friday morning.

Friday:  After rolling out of bed, the pool was the only option until our hangovers subsided, well, until we could start drinking again.  It was still officially Megan’s birthday until midnight that day and what better way to celebrate than to watch the Chippendales!  After getting dolled up, Megan and I headed to the Rio and the adults headed to see Celine Dion.  The Rio was fabulously fun.  There was the cutest bartender there that could do all those amazing juggling tricks with the bottles.  And yeah, he was getting $100 tips like they were dollar bills!  Megan introduced me to White Russians and it was love.  Then there were the Chippendales who were the most entertaining eye-candy ever!  Next stop after the show was the VooDoo lounge on top of the Rio.  It had an outdoor area that overlooked Vegas and I found a fun dancing partner (pretty sure he was gay) while Megan found someone else to dance with.  Oh and there was this girl from Chicago who latched on to us for a while.  But anyway, when it was time to leave, Megan and I mastered the art of ditching guys and headed back to our hotel so Neil Diamond could take care of us at the Blackjack table.

Saturday:  My mom, who doesn’t even know what buttons to push on a slot machine, won $1000 on her second try!!  Talk about beginner’s luck!  While the moms were winning money, Megan and I were back at the pool again.  Vegas was hot, reaching over 100 degrees while we were there.  We’d burn our feet on the cement by the pool if we didn’t have shoes on and had to lay under misters while tanning.  When night came, the whole crew headed to see La Cage, a drag female impersonator show.  These men look better in a dress than I do! After laughs and gay jokes, Megan and I split with the adults. We stopped at the Wynn and walked down the strip.  Our shoes were killing our feet so we made a stop at Treasure Island where we landed a ton of VIP passes to clubs.  We definitely got an ego boost until we found out everyone had these passes.  Regardless, we headed to the hottest nightclub at Caesar’s Palace, Pure.  After a painful walk we found it had a 3 hour wait to get in so Megan and I headed to the Blackjack tables back at our hotel…not the best idea for my wallet.  Guys would definitely buy us drinks but that didn’t help my gambling skills!

Sunday:  Our last day which we were definitely going to live up as much as possible.  When mom and I went to mass, Megan met a group of guys at the pool to meet up with.  Mom invited our Young Catholic Croatian Cab Driver to dinner (yes my mom thrives off of stuff live this :o) but it ended up being just the crew for dinner in Paris.  After dinner it was time to get ready for that night’s excitement.  We met up with the guys who were there for a bachelor’s party—one of which is the quarterback for the University of Utah and in some college video game!  They were really fun and didn’t let us go thirsty!  After walking and taking a ton of pictures on the way to the Bellagio, we talked them into getting us a Lincoln to take us to the club instead of walking more (there were lines for taxis).  We headed to the Forty Duce Club at Mandalay Bay.  The girls got in free and the boys had to pay $20 each—a nice perk for being a lady ;o).  The club epitomized Vegas.  There was a stage with a live band and showgirls dancing and bending in ways my body doesn’t move. After the guys had a little too much to drink, Megan and I headed back to our hotel alone.

And any detail I left out is staying true to Vegas’s motto:  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

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  • 1 Megan // Feb 8, 2010 at 10:16 am

    Awesome! I loved reliving that fantastic vacation just now. That was such a good time!

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