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Amtrekker is Back with Another Mission!

March 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Remember Amtrekker? He’s a friend who set out with a goal to cross off a list of 50 things he wanted to do before he died and wasn’t going home until they were crossed off. After 15 months he achieved his mission and now he’s got something else up his sleeve! I had the chance to hear about this project in person at SXSW in Austin last week and think it’s great and while it’s not exactly travel per say, it’s definitely an interesting adventure you may want to check out! Here’s the email and what to expect from Brett, soon to be synonymous with the “Greatest Employee in the World”! Read on…

Hey Team,

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent out an update but there is BIG news this time around! Bigger than Amtrekker? Who knows…maybe!

So what’s the new adventure? After some serious pondering I figured:

1) I think I nailed unemployment pretty well. Pretty tough to do homeless vagrant better than I did…if you don’t mind me saying. Something I haven’t tried in awhile? Employment.


2) I learned an awful lot about the Internet, New Media and the social web while wandering around the country like a technologically advanced hobo.

So it only seemed natural that I unilaterally decree myself the “Greatest Employee in the World,” start a new website and hold a WORLD WIDE employment contest where companies can compete over who “gets” to employ yours truly! As shamefully egotistical as that sounds I think this is actually going to be a REALLY fun adventure. Check out the website at: http://www.greatestemployeeintheworld.com or…if you’re prone to carpal tunnel the acronym redirects too. http://www.GEitW.com

The idea is that companies will enter the contest by making a job offer and posting a short video about their company. (That way even the companies that don’t win get plenty of free exposure.) Then visitors to the site will get to vote the job offers up and down and after two months the top 7 offers and 3 wildcard picks will be interviewed on video and those videos will be placed online for one more week of voting to bring the top 10 down to the final four. After that I’ll make the final decision!

The winner gets me taking the job offer in their company and working for them for six months WHILE I produce a short form documentary every week about the job, the company, the experience…think Amtrekker meets Dirty Jobs! Basically they will get two employees for the price of one (me doing said job and me being the social media community building, blog writing, documentary making guy that you all know and love) PLUS a mountain of buzz to start things off right.

Here’s why I’m so freaking excited about this: A mid-sized company without a huge marketing budget could get a GREAT deal (or I could see a larger company just using a tiny chunk of their marketing budget to do something new and original in this space)! AND, I get to move somewhere and do something I’ve never done before while producing entertaining videos and blogs to share with all of you guys! To paraphrase Michael Scott, “That’s a win-win…win.”

So if you have a twitter, facebook, blog, podcast, website or even something bigger I’d be forever grateful if you’d help me spread the  word! Also, if you own your own business that could use some attention (or if you know someone who does) here’s the link to enter the contest! (http://greatestemployeeintheworld.com/submit-3/)

Thank you all SO much for paying attention to Amtrekker and I have a feeling this could be even more fun! (More importantly, thanks for taking the time to read this absurdly long-winded email. :) )

Thank you!

Brett Rounsaville

Follow Brett on Twitter @GEitW

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